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Our Mission:

The main objective of the company Intelligent Monsters is to implement Your plans for business promotion on the Internet. Our experts in digital marketing and web development, will help create and optimize new channels of communication with customers. Experienced team Didgital agency uses only trend methods of promotion. Through creative solutions, our products are filled not only with interesting content, vivid photos and video content. Intelligent Monsters is a boutique Didgital agency that will make Your business run better!

What tasks are solved:


We want your content was interesting and relevant. Depending on, or You launch a new product, improve an existing brand - Intelligent Monsters will develop a unique, effective strategy. We will kreativni. We create. We get the results.


Your website and online business positioning is key to success. It is very important to find a balance between bright web design, interesting and useful content. Simplicity is difficult to achieve, but necessary. We will offer You the best solution in the field of creating websites.


Social media occupies a Central place in the online promotion. It offers a great way of interacting with the audience. Intelligent Monsters offers promotion in social networks (SMM). This marketing tool will create the reputation of the brand, will ensure its recognition and effective interaction between the client and its audience.


Igor Lukashіk

"Manager of managers". The market for digital marketing is rapidly changing, however, is changing. I always collect and analyze data, which gives me the opportunity to better understand all business processes, to find an approach to Your customers and in the end monetized. Most effective channels for online advertising, so be sure that your advertising budget will work for the good. Personal control of all processes, from site development to building a promotion strategy, provide the best results for Your business. So, I'm Your "BRO".

Anastasia Korobova
SEO specialist

I believe that we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. To make the website perfect need to develop the habit to do it constantly. SEO optimization will open any doors and borders, you should only entrust this process to professionals!

Vladislav Kuropko
WEB developer

Having an individual approach to each project, using innovative and creative solutions to any problems, you can get the best web product. Perfect done work - that's for me in the first place.

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